CNBC Admits to Calling it “Wrong” About Africa in 2013

"Africa disappoints"...Really? (A Nigerian consumer.)

“Africa disappoints”…Really? (A Nigerian consumer.)

Before giving their 2014 international predictions, CNBC reviewed their correct and incorrect predictions.  Actually, it was the predictions of Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, their Chief International Correspondent, who has a degree in economics. The only prediction that they said was “wrong” was her prediction concerning Africa. She said that Africa would disappoint, when in fact it has done the opposite…it has delighted!  Although there remain problems (as anywhere), many economies in Africa have done very well:

“But 2013 has been a good year too. Economic growth in many country’s (sic) has remained steady. Africa’s middle class is expanding.”

The problem here is that many of the U.S. and European correspondents, analysts and other assorted pundits don’t really understand and/or study and follow Africa.  Even watching the current predictions for “emerging markets” and “frontier markets” in 2014, it can be observed that many of them seldom mention African countries as growth opportunities, and yet that is actually the case!

However, we here at Africa Investment Report will continue to “do our homework”  and look for practical opportunities for you to invest in Africa.  Be sure to sign up in the box to the right for updates, and as a gift for doing so, get our FREE report: “How to Profit From Africa’s Growth Without Leaving Home”.

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