Trump’s Policies Can’t Stop Africa’s Fastest-Growing Economies






Although we don’t know the full extent of President-Elect of the United States Donald J. Trump’s economic policies, but there are existing “forces” out there that preclude him and his policies from stopping Africa’s growth.

“…there is cause for hope for investors with international assets, especially those invested in emerging markets. Developing economies, on the whole, are in a better position to weather uncertainty than even a few years ago. Economic and monetary policies are very orthodox, and this has been paying off. Inflation is largely under control or falling. Currency weakness may slow but should not prevent central banks from cutting interest rates to support growth. At the corporate level, there are signs that the earnings cycle is turning for the better.”

It seems to be that if the U.S. decides to isolate itself from the rest of the world and its economies (which probably won’t happen), the emerging economies of Africa and other countries will keep on growing due to their own “intrinsic”, unique and endemic forces.

“Despite everything that is going on in the U.S., emerging markets remain regions of unprecedented wealth creation where the scope of economic activity has yet to be fully reflected in stock market capitalization. Growing middle classes in many emerging economies are driving demand for everything from milk powder to cars. These regions will likely grow faster than the developed world for years to come. Unlike the financial markets or even changes in political climate, this is structural, not cyclical. Trump’s policies may close the U.S. off to international trade with some emerging countries, but such policies may do little to prevent the persistent growth of these emerging economies.”


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