Finding Trends in Africa Can Help You to Weather Volatility

ocean waves in Africa   Here at the Africa Investment Report, we always talk about investing for the long term; not the short term.  Investing is for the long term, and trading is for the short term.  This publication is focused on investing.

One of the things to be mindful of when investing for the long term is to find long-term trends that can sustain your investment through volatility from economic or political “influences”, for example:

“One way to address the short-term volatility associated with emerging markets is by investing alongside secular and demographic trends. These multi-year and multi-decade influences can provide long-term resilience in the face of volatility resulting from more temporary influences, such as quarterly fluctuations in gross domestic product or election results. Trends related to infrastructure and middle-class consumption in the emerging markets are two generally better known secular forces supporting emerging-market opportunities, but there are a number of lesser known but compelling trends that provide growth opportunities.

There are even multinational companies that are finding opportunities due to long-term trends in Africa:

“Evolving emerging-market demographics and consumer preferences provide long-term growth potential for companies all over the world. For example, both multinational and emerging-market domiciled companies are answering the growing demand for hospital procedures, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetic goods and services.”

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“Health and longevity trends show promise”:

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