Why J.P. Morgan Is Expanding Its African Activity and What This Could Mean For You

jp morgan

Agence Ecofin, a French financial news publication, recently reported that J.P. Morgan announced the appointment of Kevin Latter to to head its South African subsidiary and its investment banking business in Sub-Saharan Africa.

As the article says, this underscores the growing importance of this region to them:

“Même si le secteur est en repli depuis le début de l’année 2016, de nombreuses expertises et analyses défendent l’hypothèse selon laquelle, les bas niveaux des prix des actifs en Afrique sont une opportunité  pour de prochaines fusions acquisitions, afin de bénéficier des effets positifs des synergies de groupe.”


“Although the sector is in decline since the beginning of 2016, numerous experts and analyses defend the hypothesis that low levels of asset prices in Africa are an opportunity for future mergers and acquisitions, in order to gain from the positive effects of group synergies.”

They are looking at “low levels of asset prices”.  This might mean that there are some “bargains” for those  of us who are interested in buying African stocks. Hmmmm…

“JP Morgan estime pour sa part que des investissements visant à prendre des positions sur des sociétés cotées avec un contrôle de l’actionnariat seront en hausse dans la région.”


“JP Morgan takes the view of taking controlling positions in investments in listed companies that will rise in the region.”

So they believe that there are “listed companies” (on the stock exchanges) that will rise in Sub-Saharan Africa.  So do we here at Africa Investment Report. If you haven’t yet, be sure to subscribe on this page to get updates.

“JP Morgan recrute un expert en fusions acquisitions pour l’expansion de ses activités africaines” (sic): http://www.agenceecofin.com/banque/1807-39625-jp-morgan-recrute-un-expert-en-fusions-acquisitions-pour-l-expansion-de-ses-activites-africaines

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