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Trump and Africa, and What It Could Mean for Investors

trumpMany are saying that the President-Elect of the United States, Donald J. Trump, may not care about Africa, but some are saying that may be a good thing.

“Despite all this, it’s worth remembering uncertainty isn’t all just about downside. Less trade with the US could force African countries to put more effort into developing stronger trade links with each other. Intra-Africa trade is still a small share of trade for many African countries. And young Africans dissuaded from moving to the US comes with one potential advantage: decades of brain drain can be stalled and Africa’s brightest can focus on problems at home.”

So there may be certain companies, particularly in South Africa, that could take advantage of intra-Africa trade.  Meanwhile, however, there is a lot of downward pressure on the rand, making many South African companies less attractive, at least in the short term.  There are going to be more opportunities, however, with U.S. and European companies that are strong plays on Africa.


“The unpredictability of a Trump presidency will create new types of opportunities for Africa and Africans. We may not know what they are yet, but we won’t know if we’re not looking.”


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“It might not be the end of the world if Africa drops off Donald Trump’s map”: