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Are Nigeria and the Rest of Africa Risky Bright Spots After Brexit?

brexit2     I owned the Global X MSCI Nigeria ETF (NGE) a while ago, but dumped it because there were all kinds of political problems there and the stock was going down fast. Maybe I should have held on, and I’m considering buying it again.

“And in Africa, the Global X MSCI Nigeria ETF (NGE) was among the few ETFs momentarily in the green. It was trading flat to higher after tumbling 14% over the past four weeks on Nigeria’s currency devaluation. The fund is shaping up to be the best performer of the week among developing market ETFs, with a rise of nearly 9%. If you bought the fund at the right time, that’s not so shabby.”

And maybe this speaks to Africa not suffering much or at all from Brexit, and that there are some stock-buying opportunities to come.

“3 Risky Bright Spots After Brexit: Gold Miners, Brazil Bank, Nigeria?”: